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What does Shinhan Bank veteran Lee Kyung-eun think about getting better?

Shinhan Bank

Shinhan Bank is improving with two wins and three losses in the first round and three wins and two losses in the second round.

Shinhan Bank in Incheon is becoming increasingly compatible with each other throughout the rounds. Shinhan Bank, which had a lot of transferred players this season, had no stability at the beginning of the season. Kim Sonia, Jinyoung Kim, Koo Seul and Shinhan Bank’s existing players had to work together throughout the season. The first round is improving with two wins and three losses, and the second round is improving with three wins and two losses. Currently, the third round has one win and two losses, but it has won 81-67 against Busan BNK Sum, who lost all of the first and second rounds.

Lee Kyung-eun, who leads Shinhan Bank with veteran Chae-jin, is also feeling better and better. Lee Kyung-eun said, “The color the coach has, the new player, and the combination of the original player are really important. Thankfully, the existing players and transfer players are working hard. Soniana (Kim) and Jinyoung (Kim) are both in pain, but they try to melt. The result of the effort seems to come out as a result of getting better little by little.”

To make a stable playoff berth, we need to go up one step further. Shinhan Bank should also jump into the three-tier structure formed by Asan Woori Bank, Yongin Samsung Life Insurance, and BNK. The difference between fourth-ranked Shinhan Bank and third-ranked BNK is 2.5.

Lee Kyung-eun said, “I still lack a lot. Basic things such as defense and rebound are natural, and the defensive tactics emphasized by the coach should be more correct. “But now I think I’m learning the timing of whether I should prepare for an attack rebound or move and eat it,” he said.

“I try to distinguish between when I have to do it quickly and when I do it slowly. Our players are generally competitive (lol). I try to restrain myself,” he said of his role

Shinhan Bank will face Bucheon Hana One Q, ranked sixth, at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 15th. It is unclear whether Yang In-young, Kim Mi-yeon, and Kim Na-na will play in Hana One Q due to injuries. Each win is an opportunity to add one win to precious Shinhan Bank 토토사이트

However, veteran Lee Kyung-eun also knows that carelessness is a must. Lee Kyung-eun said, “The opponent has a lot of injured players, and you should not play comfortably just because you are in the bottom. If there are many players you don’t know, it’s harder to prepare because you don’t have experience. It’s important not to miss the basics,” he said

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