Our Irving has changed I became stronger without a sound of playing basketball


Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets) has become a mild sheep.

Irving, who caused controversy outside the game and confused the basketball world, is only playing basketball without saying anything after returning to the court.

This season, Brooklyn started with one win and five losses. Coach Steve Nash was abruptly replaced. Irving was unable to play eight games after linking anti-Semitic promotional materials.

Irving has averaged 27.0 points, 6.0 rebounds and 5.3 assists with 47.9% of fieldwork over the past six games.

What is important is that he is no longer making controversy but focusing solely on basketball.

Irving said, “There will be no more excuses, no distractions, no sudden injuries. We just want everyone to be healthy and everyone to enjoy playing,” he said.

Irving scored 20 points in the first half alone against the Washington Wizards on the 13th (Korea Standard Time) to lead the team to victory. He didn’t mind husky play either. It wasn’t Irving as it used to be 파워볼게임

Brooklyn, which had been sluggish in the early stages, jumped to fourth place in the Eastern Conference with 17 wins and 12 losses as of the 14th

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