Freak pitcher Bauer F.A. pays $40 million for his eccentric moves.


Trevor Bauer is a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher. He is well known for his “pitching design” that makes use of his strengths, but he does not hesitate to act eccentric because his own world is so strong.

Bauer’s biggest ‘event’ was in 2019 when he played for Cleveland. Bauer, who was hit by a two-run timely hit in the bottom of the fifth inning against Kansas City, threw the ball over the fence in the middle of the outfield instead of handing it out to the bench. He explained that he was angry at his pitch, but crossed the line. Bauer was later traded to Cincinnati.

Bauer also shot several players, saying, “The pitchers have too much rotation.” Among them was UCLA alumnus Gett Cole (New York Yankees). It was argued that simply changing the pitching movement and grip could not increase the number of turns of the four-seam. He expressed suspicion that he might have put something on his hands. It meant that he threw a false pitch 안전놀이터

Shortly afterwards, Bauer increased his four-seam rotation in the starting lineup and soon dropped it again. Bauer did not disclose the details of the method, but it is likely to have been applied with the negative substance on his hands.

Bauer’s eccentricity continues in the Stove League. Bauer confidently said in an interview with Sports Illustrated years ago that he would sign a one-year contract every year when the FA comes. Rather than being clinched by a multi-year contract, he was willing to receive as much money as possible through a one-year contract.

Of course, I changed my mind after becoming an actual FA. John Hayman of MLB Network said on the 31st that Bauer wants more than $200 million in total for five to six years. It is heard that they want an annual salary of $36 million and $40 million. Six years is 36 million dollars, and five years is 40 million dollars.

This is interpreted as meaning that the annual salary of UCLA alumni Gett Cole will exceed 36 million dollars. Garrett Cole’s nine-year, $324 million contract with the New York Yankees ahead of the 2020 season is the highest amount of pitchers ever, as well as an average annual salary of $36 million a year. Angels’ Mike Trout signed 12 years and $420 million ahead of the 2019 season, a little short of an annual average of $36 million.

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