Thames was successful because of the Korean pitchers’ tendency to criticize the Japanese media.


Japanese media have questioned Eric Thames, 34. He shows weakness against left-handed pitchers.

Japanese media Daily Shinjo reported on the 5th (Korean time) that “I hit 96 home runs in the Major League, but the voice of concern for Thames is growing.”

Thames joined the Yomiuri Giants, a prestigious Japanese club, ahead of this season. According to the Japanese media, the contract period is one year and the team’s option is included in the second year. The annual salary is estimated at $1.2 million.

Thames made his Major League debut in Toronto in 2011 and played for the NC Dinos from 2014 to 2016. After signing with the Milwaukee Brewers after the 2016 season, he played a season with the Washington Nationals in the 2020 season.

Regarding Thames, the media said, “He hit 124 home runs during his three years in Korea, and received a lot of love with the nickname ‘God’. He returned to the Major League in 2017 and played as a Platoon player.

“There is something wrong with major leaguers coming to Japan. It is not at the top level. Thames is a left-handed batter, and was selected as a starter when a right-handed pitcher came out in the Major League Baseball. “We failed to respond properly to left-handed pitchers’ pitches, especially sliders.”

In the meantime, it is predicted that there is a possibility that Yomiuri will use it as a Platoon system in Yomiuri. The media said, “In Korea, pitchers’ fastballs are higher than in Japan. He also has aggressive pitching. “That’s why I was able to do well in Japan,” he said. “But if a left-handed pitcher plays when he starts, his batting average could be less than 20 percent.”

Thames had a batting average of 0.349 against the right-handed pitcher during his three seasons in Korea and 0.350. On the other hand, Major League Baseball recorded 0.251 (par-385 hits in 1,532 at-bats) against the right-handed pitcher, but showed weakness with 0.196 (66 hits in 336 at-bats) against the left-handed pitcher 토토사이트

The media said, “We can play as outfielders and first baseman, but the speed of the batting response decreases and the range of defense is narrow.” “His central league pitchers use a lot of breaking balls,” he said. Therefore, it will be difficult to see the same performance as Korea. He is the type of batter who does a full swing. In Major League Baseball, the strikeout rate was high at 30 percent. He is weak for pitchers who control breaking balls and speed control such as splitters and sliders. In Japan, the strikeout rate could be 40 percent. “About six times will be appropriate for the batting order,” he stressed.

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