Will the carefully recruited Suarez LG’s dream of winning 30 foreign championships come true?


LG filled the biggest remaining piece for the championship challenge.

LG hired new foreign pitcher Andrew Suarez on Monday. It announced that it has signed a contract worth $600,000, including $200,000 in deposit and $400,000 in annual salary 안전놀이터

To recruit Suarez, who was included in San Francisco’s 40-man roster in the Major League Baseball, LG paid the transfer fee separately. The total amount of new foreign players cannot exceed $1 million, including transfer fees. LG paid a transfer fee of $400,000 to San Francisco alone.

Suarez, an American national, is a left-hander who is 183cm tall and weighs 91kg. In the 2015 draft, he joined the club after receiving the nomination of San Francisco’s second round (61st overall). He made his major league debut in 2018 and started all 29 games that year, recording 7 wins, 13 losses, and a 4.49 ERA. In 2019, he started only two games in 21 games, mostly as a bullpen pitcher, and also played six games as a midfielder last year. Suarez, who pitched in 56 games and pitched 202.2 innings over three seasons in the Major League, has pitched in 83 games with a 4.66 ERA in the minor leagues, recording 30 wins, 24 losses and a 3.62 ERA.

LG left Tyler Wilson, who played with him for three years until last year, and came back with a new pitcher. In early December, he waited for the list of non-tenders announced by the U.S. clubs, but when he did not like the pitcher, he turned to Suarez at the expense of the transfer fee. LG has passed a month-long tug-of-war to recruit Suarez, who is also a pitcher coveted by other Korean clubs and has to go through a transfer negotiation with San Francisco.

Suarez is not the pitcher for LG’s first “style.”

LG has found a power feature that throws fastballs. “I’m looking for a pitcher strong enough to make Kelly a second starter,” said LG manager Cha Myung-seok. “I wanted a style like Leeds and Sosa that I played in the past.” It was hard to find a strong pitcher to that extent, but he found a new pitcher, leaving the goal of “a pitcher who can collaborate with Casey Kelly for 30 wins.”

Suarez is not a super fastball pitcher, but he throws a fast ball with an average speed of around 140 kilometers. He is a starting pitcher who basically uses various pitches such as sliders, curves, and changeups. Last year, he threw only 9.2 innings in six games because the minor league was not held, but LG believes Suarez has a solid career as a full-time major league starter in 2018 just three years ago and as a starter in the minor league in 2019. It is expected that it will make ‘Left and Right One-Two-Punch’ with right-hander Kelly to lead LG’s mound more strongly.

LG hopes the new pitcher will win 30 games with Kelly, who won 14 games in 2019 and 15 games last year. In order for LG’s wish to come true, Kelly has to throw like he did for the past two years and Suarez has to win at least 15 games. Thirty wins by foreign pitchers is not an easy record to come from the winning team.

LG, which re-signed 15-win pitcher Kelly and 38-home run hitter Ramos, succeeded in recruiting an active Major Leaguer pitcher with a three-year career in the big league at the age of 29. He has high expectations that he will pay 40 percent of the total transfer fee. In fact, they have completed the formation of power for the new season.

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