Giddy Jenny

Giddy Jenny. Can’t confirm her romantic relationship.

Giddy Jenny

Amid rumors of a romantic relationship between G-Dragon, a member of the group Big Bang, and Jenny, a member of Black Pink, the agency said, “It is difficult to confirm.”

YG Entertainment said on the 24th that it is difficult for the company to confirm the personal private life of the artist (related to the rumor of G-Dragon and Jenny’s romantic relationship). “We ask for your understanding.

Earlier, Dispatch said G-Dragon and Jenny had developed into lovers from their agency seniors and juniors. “We have been dating for a year now.” According to the report, the two spent most of their time at G-Dragon’s house in Hannam-dong, and Jenny registered a YG Carnival vehicle to do so and used the window.

At the time of the BLACKPINK online concert last month, Jenny left G-Dragon’s house and headed to the concert hall. It is known that quite a few people in YG are also aware of their relationship, including G-Dragon’s visit to the set of the music video for Black Pink’s full-length album.

Internet users who heard this continued to celebrate Jenny’s first SNS live broadcast in May last year, noting that G-Dragon appeared as a surprise, saying, “I’ve been dating since then,” “I was the only one who didn’t know,” and “It’s a couple of good men and women.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is preparing for his solo comeback. Jenny is continuing her career as Black Pink.

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