Gina Malone revealed the shock of being sexually assaulted while filming the Hunger game


Hollywood actor Gina Malone said she was sexually assaulted while filming “The Hunger Games.”

Gina Malone, 38, posted a lengthy post on her Instagram on the 1st (local time) with a photo of herself standing in an endless field.

He confessed that he was sexually assaulted by someone he worked with while filming “The Hunger Games: The Final,” and said, “I was grateful for the amazing role I played through this work, but it was so hard.”

“I’m learning how to classify them in the whirlpool of emotions,” he said. “I hope I’m not involved in an incident that left such a trauma, but I think this is the true wild nature of life.” I’m trying hard to heal and recover my mind. It’s a way to make peace with the person who violated me and maintain my own peace,” he said.

In addition, Gina Malone said, “It was difficult to talk about the roles in the ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Hunger Games’ without sharp feelings,” adding, “But I am ready to regain the joy and achievement I felt through it.” He said, “I send love to the survivors (who suffered sexual assault). “If you need a safe space to talk to, please contact me,” he added.

Gina Malone made her debut as a child actress and gained recognition by appearing in “Don’t Cry Mammy,” “Contact” and “Step Mom.” He joined the Hunger Games series as Johanna Mason, giving a superb performance.

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