Baek A Yeon

I met Baek A Yeon-to-be two years ago and supported her music activities

Baek A Yeon

Singer Baek A-yeon announced the news of her wedding with a handwritten letter.

On the 2nd, Baek A-yeon said on her account, “I wrote this letter because I wanted to tell many people who always support me,” adding, “I think many people were surprised by the sudden news of marriage.” I was very surprised, too,” he wrote.

Baek A-yeon apologized to fans, saying, “I wanted to inform them carefully and carefully as it was a line of my life, but I am sorry that my handwritten article made me hear the news of marriage first with an article, not first.”

He said, “I think a lot has happened while working as a singer Baek A-yeon for 10 years. There were more times when I was happy, but there were times when I felt uneasy and times when I was having a hard time, but two years ago in the winter, I reached out my hand first and met a grateful person who approached me,” I looked back on my first meeting.

Baek A-yeon introduced the prospective groom as “a person who is very warm-hearted, cares for and loves me a lot, and above all, gives strength and supports my music activities,” and announced the marriage, saying, “I thought I could promise him my whole life and decided to make a new start.”

Finally, Baek A-yeon wrote, “As much as you wait, I will prepare well for the next album and repay you with good music.”

On the 28th of last month, it was reported that Baek A-yeon will marry on August 12, but Baek A-yeon’s agency Eden Entertainment denied the marriage in August and said, “It is true that Baek A-yeon is dating on the premise of marriage. He said, “When I’m ready to get married, I’ll tell you the news in person.”

Next is Baek A Yeon’s handwritten letter.

Hello, I’m Baek A Yeon.

There’s something I want to say to the people who always support me.

That’s why I wrote this letter.

I’m sure many people were surprised by the sudden news of the wedding.

I was also very surprised.

As it is a line of life, I wanted to inform it carefully and carefully.

My handwriting isn’t the first one.

I’ll let you hear about the wedding first.

I feel very sorry.


For the past 10 years, I’ve been a singer Baek A Yeon.

I think a lot of things happened.

There were times when I was happy, but there were times when I felt anxious.

There were times when it was hard.

Two years ago in the winter, he reached out his hand and approached me.

I met someone I’m thankful for.

My heart is very warm, and you care about me and love me a lot.

Above all, he is a person who supports and gives strength to my music activities.

I thought I could promise him my whole life.

We decided to make a new start together.


To all the people who are always supporting us,

I heartily thank you.

As much as you’ve waited for us, we’ll work hard on our next album

I’ll repay you with good music.

Thank you.

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