Goeun, what’s wrong with your face? Cancel your schedule and take care of yourself.


Go Eun-ah is suffering from skin allergies.

On the afternoon of the 8th, a video titled “I’m in trouble…” was posted on the YouTube channel “Bungane,” run by Mir.

In the released video, Mir said, “Go Eun-ah is in a hurry to go home because she said she was in trouble. “At this time of year, I often get in trouble with Go Eun-ah,” he said, visiting Go Eun-ah’s house.

Go Eun-ah was eating marketplace rice soup with her back turned in the living room. Go Eun-ah’s face, which was revealed, was allergic. Go Eun-ah said, “I’m also taking medicine because I have a severe allergy. This is the best ever. I’m also doing a regenerative laser, but it’s not getting better. “It’s the worst condition in my life,” he said adding, “I think I’m slowly recovering because I’m old and I’m receiving treatment from time to time during filming.” I heard that my epidermis is thin. I’m working hard on managing what I haven’t done steadily, he explained the situation.

He then said, “It’s a bigger deal if you put on makeup to cover it up. I’m going crazy right now. If I had done this when I was resting, I would have been less hurt, but I am taking care of myself at home. I’m under a lot of stress. I didn’t know who to blame. “If pigmentation or scars remain (I’m worried about what to do), all the schedules scheduled have been canceled,” he added.

Go Eun-ah said, “People with severe allergies like me should refrain from excessive management and drinking during the change of seasons. I can’t continue to cancel my schedule, so I’m diligently taking care of myself at home, he said 부산출장마사지

Also, Go Eun-ah said, “It will take more than a month to get better.” Neither CEO Bang nor Cheetah see my face as gross. It’s gross for me to look in the mirror, too. “I ask for your understanding, too,” he said, expressing his frustration.

Lastly, Go Eun-ah added, “I will show you how I move forward by taking medicine and applying it.”

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