Good-bye Kuro Lee Seo-haeng’s final announcement


“Kuro” Lee Seo-haeng ended his career.

“Kuro” Lee Seo-haeng announced his official retirement through his SNS account on Tuesday. The announcement, which began with “Now I’m going to let go of Lee Seo-haeng,” contains his thoughts on finishing his professional career.

“I think the best thing I’ve ever done in my life is to become a professional gamer. For 8 years from 2013 to 2020, I lived a hard life not to be ashamed of my 20s. As a professional player, I had a hard time and wanted to give up everything, but I think I did it for a long time thanks to my fans, family, friends, and colleagues,” he thanked me.

Then, “I’m not leaving the roll board. I’m going to do a broadcast, and I’m going to do YouTube, and I’m going to coach when I get back. We don’t have professional gamer Kuro anymore, but we’ll be back on the show and as a coach, he said about his future plans.

“Kuro” started his career with the Incredible Miracle in 13 years and reached his peak with the Rocks Tigers. He was the top mid-liner with experience in winning the LCK and runner-up in the World Championship. Meanwhile, as “Crown” Lee Min-ho and “Gorilla” Kang Beom-hyun recently announced their retirement, fans have parted ways with three star players with deep memories.

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