Mel Rojas Jr. (KT Wiz), the 2020 KBO League MVP, eventually joined the Hanshin Tigers in the Nippon Professional Baseball.

Rojas agonized over his re-signing with Hanshin, Yomiuri Giants, and KT Wiz in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball. The final destination was Hanshin.

KT Wiz said on the 9th, “A little while ago, Rojas notified us that they had signed with Hanshin. Rojas said, ‘I wanted to play on a bigger stage. I got a chance to sign a contract with Hanshin,’ he announced.

KT said, “We offered Rojas the highest amount of foreign hitters in the KBO league, but no contract was made. The club is planning to operate Plan B. KT has mentioned the maximum amount the team can pay, including a two-year contract, but failed to renew the contract.

Rojas conquered the KBO League in 2020. He played in a total of 142 games, batting .349 with 47 home runs, 135 RBIs and an on-base plus slugging percentage of 1.097. He won four gold medals in home runs, RBI and slugging percentage, and even swept the league MVP. The winning contribution (WAR, based on Sports To Eye) to substitute players was 8.97, the highest among the league’s two batters. He is the No. 1 contributor to putting his team KT Wiz in second place in the regular season. The KT team is sorting out the candidates by combining the players that were previously listed and those from the Major League.

KT chief Lee Sung-yong said in a telephone conversation, “I just received a notice from Rojas. I have a stomachache. But I wish you good luck. He was a really good player. I’m rooting for you to do well in a new place,” he said, adding that the big leaguer, who was close to Rojas at the beginning, was a strong substitute. Recently, however, 먹튀사이트 better players have been observed in several markets and put them on the list, and we are considering it. However, since Rojas gave the final confirmation only on this day, it is expected that more time will be needed. “I think we could go to a long-term war,” Lee said.

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