Guerrero, Jr., deplored the miscarriage of justice Manoa good-to-nothing


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (23) was outraged by the referee’s decision and Toronto collapsed.

Toronto lost 1-7 against the New York Yankees in the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) at Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada, on the 4th (Korea Standard Time).

Toronto, which scored the first run in the bottom of the fifth inning, kept its 1-0 lead until two outs in the top of the sixth inning thanks to “New Ace” Alec Manoa’s “15 consecutive hits.” Manoa, who was pitching well, threw a fastball in the middle of Yankees’ Aaron Judge and allowed a tie-breaking home run. It was the only loss in the game.

Manoa, who was considered “one of the best pitchers now” by Jersey, who hit a home run, pitched six innings with three hits, one walk, seven strikeouts and one run. His ERA is 1.45.

The tight game tilted sharply to the Yankees as Manoa went down. Simbur, who watched Stanton’s on-base due to a shortstop error in the top of the seventh inning, was hit by Donaldson with an RBI timely hit and allowed a 1-2 turnaround.

The overturned Toronto called in Simbur and put Merriweather on the mound in a crisis with one out and runners on first and third base. Guerrero Jr. was upset when the referee’s ridiculous misjudgment came out. Toronto, which succeeded in inducing an infield grounder, drove a runner running down between home and third base to catch a runner on third base to prevent a loss.

Guerrero Jr., who caught the ball, came up to third base from the home side and tagged the runner. However, the referee admitted that Guerrero Jr.’s tag was not made and that the runner who stepped home scored. Furious Guerrero Jr. protested furiously, and Montoyo also jumped out of the dugout, but nothing changed.

Looking at the replay screen on the broadcast, “tag” was a reasonable decision. Toronto, which had no chance to read the video, had no choice but to accept the situation as it was. Guerrero Jr., who moved to the first base after dissuading his teammates, kept shaking his head and reacting that he couldn’t understand.

Merriwed was hit by Hicks in a timely manner with a 1–3 loss. It was a dejected moment. Guerrero Jr.’s expression became darker. Toronto, which was hit by jersey in a row, collapsed and lost 1-7.

Asked about the tag situation after the match, Montoyo said, “Guerrero Jr. was convinced of the tag. Even after the game, he replied, “I definitely tagged him.”

Guerrero Jr. threw his bat and helmet at Houston on the 1st, complaining about the ball’s decision. “The referees are people too,” he told SportsNet after the match. You can’t make the right decision every time. I have no choice but to do my best,” he said, but he couldn’t calm down even after the game.

Toronto, the second-ranked team that failed to block the first-ranked Yankees in the AL East, finished second, 2.5 games behind.

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