Multi-hit batting average of 325 Angels’ flagship Trout will lead the team to a three-game winning streak


The Los Angeles Angels continued their winning streak.

The Angels won 3-0 at home against the Washington Nationals in the 2022 Major League Baseball at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, on the 7th (Korea Standard Time).

The Angels won three consecutive games after a 10-5 victory over the Boston Red Sox on the 5th.

Jonathan Diaz, who started the season, won his first win of the season with three hits, four strikeouts and four walks in five innings.

Key hitters did their part in the batting line. Taylor Ward, who started as right fielder and first batter, failed to record a hit, but chose three walks to set up a “table.”

Mike Trout, center fielder and second batter, scored two hits and two RBIs in four at-bats. Shohei Otani, who played as the third designated hitter, had no hits, but recorded one walk and added one RBI with an infield grounder.

Trout is leading the attack with a multi-hit season batting average of .325.

In the bottom of the first inning, leadoff hitter Ward walked out and Trout hit a heavy hit to create a chance to first and second base with no outs. Then, when Ohtani hit a grounder to the second baseman, third baseman Ward passed the home plate, and when Ohtani hit a grounder to the second baseman, third baseman Ward passed the home 실시간파워볼

The Angels widened the gap in the bottom of the fifth inning. Wade picked up a walk after one out, and Ward went to second base due to an error in checking the opposing pitcher. Fletcher made an infield hit and became the first and third base with one out, and Ward picked up a walk to get a full base chance. Trout then hit a timely double in the middle of two RBIs.

The Angels kept Ortega, Tefera, Pur and Iglesias scoreless the remaining innings after starter Diaz.

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