Gyeonmi-ri’s slow-eared daughter, Lee Yu-bi, sighs all the time Real mother-daughter conversation


Actress Lee Yoo-bi revealed a conversation with her mother, Kyun Mi-ri, and her real mother and daughter moments.

Lee Yu-bi shared a picture through her Instagram story function on the 30th.

The released photo captured the messenger chat window Lee Yu-bi shared with her mother, Kyun-mi. Gyunmi-ri said to her daughter, who never comes after midnight, “You always answer me. Come quickly,” said Lee Yu-bi, urging her to return home. On top of that, he added an emoticon of a character that has recently been consumed as a meme and has become very popular, making him laugh. Lee Yu-bi also responded by saying, “Emoticon lol.”

In addition, Lee Yu-bi added on Instagram, “What’s the point of answering well. The mother and daughter’s realistic appearance of the name of “Mommy,” the conversation content, and the daughter’s inner thoughts makes people laugh.

Lee Yu-bi is the daughter of actress Kyun Mi-ri. Lee Da-in, Gyun Mi-ri’s second daughter and Lee Yu-bi’s younger brother, is also an actress.

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo-bi will star as Ruby following last season in the upcoming June 10 episode of “Yumi’s Cells.”

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