Shin Dong-yup

Shin Dong-yup is in a nursing hospital after cancer surgery His father’s father’s “My Little Old Boy” recording is postponed today (31)

Shin Dong-yup

Broadcaster Shin Dong-yeop was wounded by his father.

Shin Dong-yeop’s agency, SMC & C, told News on May 31 that “Shin Dong-yeop was injured by his father.”

He then said, “We are checking the contents of the obituary and we have not received anything in detail regarding the mortuary yet, so we will notify you as soon as we receive it.”

As a result, the recording of SBS’s “My Ugly Baby,” which was scheduled for June 1, is also expected to be postponed.

Shin Dong-yeop expressed his worries and longing for his father on Channel S’s “Along with the Gods” in April last year. In the broadcast at the time, Shin Dong-yeop recalled a happy drinking party with his family, who he loved to drink, saying that he was the youngest of three sons and one daughter.

Shin Dong-yeop said, “My father is in a nursing hospital after surgery for cancer. I haven’t been able to visit for a year because of COVID-19. He couldn’t even come out,” he said with tears in his eyes.

In particular, Shin Dong-yeop expressed his desire to make a special reunion time other than his father’s usual food when the situation improves, and said, “What kind of food and what kind of alcohol will I drink with my father then?”

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