Han Hyejin

Han Hyejin, the aftereffect of a complete recovery from coronavirus? Breathing only 70% Appeal

Han Hyejin

Hye-jin complained that she felt uncomfortable running after recovering from the coronavirus.

The semi-finals began on SBS’s “Girls Who Scout,” which aired on August 25.

The semi-final match between the national team and the World Class team won the match by the national team’s score of 3:2. Subsequently, in the preview at the end of the broadcast on the same day, the semifinal match between the Koocheok tall team and the Moth team was predicted.

Park Sun-young, the absolute ruler of the fire moth team, was nervous, saying, “It’s the first time for a team to be tall,” while coach Lee Chun-soo also said, “The tallest team is the scariest.” “We have something that our team doesn’t have,” he said, showing caution 여성전용출장마사지

Han Hyejin of the tall team said, “My breathing is only 60% or 70%.” “I said I couldn’t play as well as I used to, and he said he would take care of everything,” he said, adding that he felt uncomfortable after Corona 19.

As Han Hye-jin said, while Lee Hyun showed enthusiastic performance, Park Sun-young added tension to the injury while thinking, “What should I do to break through that defense?” The appearance of the cheering team drew attention to the remaining results of the semifinals.

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