Lee Yeonhee

Lee Yeonhee’s innocent look like the nation’s first love

Lee Yeonhee

The pictorial of actress Lee Yeon-hee, the epitome of innocence, has been released.

Magazine Singles released a pictorial on the 25th that shows Lee Yeon-hee’s unwavering innocence and solid inner side.

In this pictorial, Lee Yeon-hee still showed off an unrivaled atmosphere that does not change into a fresh and innocent beauty, creating cheers from the field staff.

Wearing a pleats dress with natural makeup, he melted his charm in every cut according to the black-and-white and color mood, drawing attention. In addition, instead of fancy makeup, she showed extraordinary charm with transparent and neat makeup that goes well with her image, making viewers excited.

Actor Lee Yeon-hee’s Turning Point, who has been running silently.

Actress Lee Yeon-hee, who has tried various changes in her 17th year since filming her first drama as an actress, was an actress who had fun making pretty faces and standing in front of the camera when filming commercials or music videos since she was young. She, who has been in various roles, also expressed her honest feelings, saying, “I’m proud of myself in the past, because I’ve been running forward without a break, and I’ve been in a slump with anxiety and worries, but now I’ve got some time to spare myself.” “There has been a lot of pressure and pressure as an actress, but Ji-young’s character in ‘Miss Korea’ has become an important turning point for me, giving me the pleasure of making a piece by piece.” These experiences made me enjoy my work and daily life,” said actress Lee Yeon-hee, who is healthy to the heart.

An actor who wants to be imprinted on the public.

Lee Yeon-hee, who plays various characters perfectly and builds solid acting filmography, quietly progresses as an actress, felt her passion as she talked about acting. “I want to be an actor who can be imprinted by the public as a character like Matilda in ‘Leon’. “Thankfully, I played Eun-hwan in the first movie ‘The First Love of a Millionaire’ and was able to grow quickly as an actor with the title of ‘The First Love of the People’.” In addition, he confessed to the times he ruled himself every day, thinking that it was more important to focus on today as an actor.

In this way, Lee Yeon-hee left a deep impression by talking about the “today’s joy” of living in her 30s, which is still shining in time.

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