Hawaii 2-month-old HWANG HYE YOUNG looks like an old lady That’s right


Hwang Hye-young, a fashion businessman from the group Tutu, drew attention with her honest SNS answer as she began living in Hawaii for two months with her family.

Hwang Hye-young posted a video on her SNS on the 15th with the message “#Hawaii #Turtlebay.” In the video, Hwang Hye-young is sitting on a mat in sleeveless and shorts. He is enjoying the air with a mini fan in hot weather.

In response, there was a comment saying, “Oh, this place is so old lady,” but Hwang Hye-young showed a cool side by leaving a comment saying, “That old lady is right.” “Hyeyoung’s body is really pretty.” “When I was young…””I can’t even say that.

Hwang Hye-young said earlier that she will start living in Hawaii for about two months.

And he said, “I’m going to try to give you some information about #HawaiiLiving, this and that, whatever, whatever, whatever If you know any good restaurants or places to visit, please share it with us. Let’s do well for the next two months #Hawaii #Two-month-old #HwangMaHawaii #HwangMaHawaii #HwangMaLifestyle,” adding the hashtag, “Hawaii, HwangMaLifestyle.”

Hwang Hye-young, who made her debut with the late Kim Ji-hoon in 1994, married Kim Kyung-rok, the head of the consultant, in 2011. In December 2014, they gave birth to twin sons Dae-dae and Dae-jung brothers. The shopping mall run by Hwang Hye-young has also attracted attention with annual sales of 10 billion won

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