Kang Sung Yeon

Kang Sung Yeon’s thinness was due to her single parenting How she’s been losing weightless

Kang Sung Yeon

Actress Kang Sung-yeon revealed how she lost weight.

Kang Sung-yeon posted several photos and videos on her SNS on the 15th, saying, “Let’s do it here. #Okay, I won’t clean it up. #Mom did it, too. #TuanTent.” The released photo shows the son’s own tent installed in the middle of the living room. Kang Sung-yeon’s son made a hideout by laying a mat in the living room and covering it with a blanket. In response, Kang Sung-yeon decided not to clean up her son’s tent, recalling her childhood memories. Kang Sung-yeon, who recently said that she even developed eczema on her eyelids due to her reduced immunity, also drew attention as she lost weight.

Meanwhile, actor Kang Sung-yeon married jazz pianist Kim Ga-on in 2012 and has two sons

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