Jessica Nana’s face is chubby after being bitten by a mosquito


Jessica, a former member of Girls’ Generation, drew attention by showing her natural appearance in a Chinese girl group re-debut survival program.

In the Chinese Mango TV entertainment show “Seungpung Parang 3,” which was released last week, the contestants’ fourth preparation process and competition stage were revealed.

On the show, Jessica starts practicing hard to dance and sing at the same time. Jessica practices the song “Mongbulakurim” in a group with Ritsudani and Wang Shin-ling. During practice, Wang Shin-rin suffers an ankle injury, and Jessica suffers from a mosquito bite in the eye during the training camp. Even your swollen face can be revealed without any adjustment

However, on the stage, he appeared completely covered his teeth with makeup and performed an impressive performance.

Jessica appeared on the show twice. In the second half of the stage, Jang Shin-yi, Je Jia-jing, Zhang Li, and Wang Zi-Xuan took the stage of “Brain Man Chup-pung,” impressing viewers and audiences.

Chinese Mango TV’s “Seungpung Blue 3” is a program in which female stars in their 30s and older make their re-debut as girl groups through competitions, which first aired in May and is gaining popularity

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