Ryu Hyun-jin

He beat Ryu Hyun-jin for the first time but he allowed 13 runs in 12 innings

Ryu Hyun-jin

The slump of “all-star pitcher” Jose Verrios (27), who the Toronto Blue Jays recruited on the trade deadline, is alarming. He gave and brought two top prospects for the fall baseball, hoping for “first-term issuance,” but it is collapsing one after another at an important time.

Berrios started the home game against the Chicago White Sox on the 25th (Korea time) and lost nine hits in three innings (1 home run) and struck out six outs and four runs. Toronto, where Verrios collapsed early, lost 2-5 with silent batting.

It collapsed from the first inning. Berrios, who had a heavy hit on the first pitch and a left-handed hit on Joan Moncada in two pitches, was hit by Jose Abreu for the second pitch and hit a three-run home run on the left-center wall. Three runs with five balls at the start of the game. He then allowed four runs in the first inning with three hits and one more point. He blocked two to three innings without a run, but he continued to throw unstable pitches, and he passed the mound from the fourth inning with 68 pitches. He was also attacked by four batters at speeds of more than 100 miles, even on breaking balls such as curves and changeups.

On the 31st of last month’s trade deadline, Toronto recruited Verrios by giving up the team’s No. 2 promising players (inner fielder Austin Martin) and No. 4 ( pitcher Simon Woods Richardson). It is Verios, whose contract period remains until next year, so it is not possible to discuss the success or failure of the trade due to short-term performance, but it was clear that it is at least a winning move to advance to baseball this fall.

At the time of the trade, Toronto media “The Star” said, “He is a better fit for the team than Max Schuerzer (LA Dodgers), who will become an FA after the season,” and expected, “He is a real first starter as a proven pitcher. Although Ryu Hyun-jin and Robbie Ray of “One-Two Punch” are present, they highly regarded Verrios as all-star players from 2018 to 2019.

However, he fell short of expectations with one win, two losses and an ERA of 4.81 in five games since the transfer. He is more than one point above the 3.48 ERA for the Minnesota Twins until July. Toronto has only one win and four losses in five games on the day the Verios came out. In the first two games, he allowed 1 win, 12 innings, and 1 run, but he lost 6 runs in 4 6 innings against the Los Angeles Angels on the 13th and 3 runs in 5 innings against the Washington Nationals on the 19th (2 earned runs) in 3 consecutive games.

In the last three games, he allowed 13 runs (12 earned runs) in 12이닝 innings. He lost seven out of 13 runs in the first inning and four in the second inning. “In my last three appearances, I found my opponent aggressive at the beginning of the game. I think we should pay attention to that and adjust it. “Baseball is a game that adapts day by day,” he said, vowing to change his pattern in his next appearance. Toronto coach Charlie Montoyo believed that “Verios would find a way to adjust 파워볼사이트

But there aren’t that many games left in Toronto. Toronto, which marked 65 wins and 59 losses, ranks fifth in the American League, behind the second-ranked Boston Red Sox (72 wins and 55 losses), who are given tickets for the last postseason. Of the remaining 38 games, Berrios is expected to start in about seven games.

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