Kim Kwang-hyun’s 2 innings without a run in response to Muri’s “NO STL”


Kim Kwang-hyun (33, St. Louis Cardinals) played his return game with a bullpen.

Kim Kwang-hyun pitched as the team’s fourth pitcher in a home game against the Detroit Tigers at Bush Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri on the 25th (Korea time), recording two walks and two strikeouts in two innings without a hit. It is the first time in about a year since he took the mound in his Major League debut last year.

Kim Kwang-hyun, who took the mound on behalf of Andrew Miller in the first half of the sixth inning, made two consecutive three-way retirement innings to announce that he is in a good condition. Kim Kwang-hyun, who gave Miguel Cabrera his first on-base walk in the eighth inning, also showed off his pitching as he struck out the next two batters in a row.

The last batter, Grayson Griner, was on base on a walk without being easily fooled by Kim Kwang-hyun’s manned ball, and Kim Kwang-hyun was replaced by T.J. McFarland to complete his return game. Afterwards, McFarland caught Derek Hill with a straight first baseman, and Kim Kwang-hyun’s runner in charge disappeared as well.

On this day, Kim Kwang-hyun had 46 pitches, 24 sliders, 21 four-seam fastballs, and one curve. Four-seam fastball’s maximum speed was 92 miles per hour (about 148 kilometers) and an average of 89.8 miles (about 145 kilometers).

In the game had said he “Kim Kwang-hyun is 45 and in the bullpen will throw a ball” is director Mike swilteu Regarding this, various local media such as Yardbacker said, “St. Louis will not want to increase the risk by putting Kim Kwang-hyun back in the starting rotation.”

“Kim Kwang-hyun has been outstanding as a starting pitcher since his Major League debut last year. “If Kim Kwang-hyun can continue his success in his new role (as he started) by avoiding walks (17.5 percent), avoiding walks (8 percent), and inducing grounders (47.1 percent), it will be a key bullpen for St. Louis to compete for postseason advancement.”

Currently, St. Louis’ starting rotation consists of Jack Flaherty-Adam Wainwright-Miles Mycolas-John Lester-J.A.Happ. However, Flaherty, who started the day, left the mound in two innings, raising the possibility of injury. If Flaherty’s injury is confirmed, chances of Kim Kwang-hyun returning to the rotation will increase again.

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