He could be eliminated in a single WC game even after winning 100 unfortunate Dodgers wins.


The LA Dodgers have topped the National League West for eight consecutive years since 2013. The Dodgers, which won the World Series last year, are easily running at a 100-win pace this year.

However, the Dodgers are in a position where they cannot guarantee a district title for the ninth consecutive year. Even after recording 100 wins in the regular season, the possibility cannot be ruled out that he could be eliminated from the “single-round match” due to being pushed back to the wild card game.

The Dodgers are second in winning percentage among 30 Major League Baseball teams, because the No. 1 winning percentage team is the San Francisco Giants in the same district.

The Dodgers won 8-4 with three home runs against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on the 15th (Korea Standard Time).

It secured at least second place in the wild card with 93 wins and 53 losses (winning rate.637) in the season, confirming its advance to the postseason. If you win 50% of the remaining 16 games, you can surpass 100 wins.

The problem is San Francisco. San Francisco is 2.5 games ahead of the Dodgers with 95 wins and 50 losses (winning rate of .655). Even if the Dodgers win 100 games, they could fail to win the district title.

The Dodgers have recently won five consecutive games. However, the lead and gap have not narrowed. This is because San Francisco has recently been on a nine-game winning streak. In the last 10 games, the Dodgers have 7 wins and 3 losses and San Francisco has 9 wins and 1 loss. Even though the Dodgers are chasing with consecutive wins, San Francisco is also showing great concentration in every game.

Since the introduction of the wild card game (first to second place single-round game) in the Major League postseason system in 2012, there has been only one case where a 100-win team has been pushed back to the wild card.

Even after recording 100 wins and 62 losses in 2018, the New York Yankees fell behind the Boston Red Sox (108 wins and 54 losses) in the American League East, ranking second in the East and first in the wild card. He advanced to the division series by beating Oakland 7-2 in the wild card game. The Yankees met Boston in the division series and were eliminated with one win and three losses.

At that time, the Yankees were the third-ranked team in the Major League following Boston and Houston (103 wins and 59 losses) in the regular season. This year, the Dodgers could be more unlucky with the second overall winning rate.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, “The Major League postseason system is problematic. “I personally think NBA’s way is better,” he said. In NBA, 16 teams, 8 teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences, will advance to the postseason. In each conference, the tournament will be held with a winning rate of 1st-winning rate of 8th, a winning rate of 2nd-winning rate of 7th, a winning rate of 3rd-winning rate of 6th, and a winning rate of 4th-winning rate of 5th. (NBA introduced this year’s play-in tournament method and finally decided on two positions: the 7th seed and the 8th seed in a single round for the 4 teams ranked 7th to 10th in the conference.) 안전공원

If Major League Baseball fails to win the district title, it will have to play a wild card game no matter how high the winning rate is. If you win the wild card game, you will meet the highest winning percentage team in the division series. Under the current system, even if San Francisco wins the Western Division, San Francisco also has no advantage as it can face the Dodgers, which have a much higher winning rate than the Eastern or Central winners, in the division series.

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