Kim Ha Sung

Kim Ha Sung, one of the MVP trios in the SD team Why did you give a surprise evaluation?

Kim Ha Sung

Kim Ha-sung (26, San Diego), of the first season of the Major League (MLB), is somewhere between success and failure. It has already been recognized in defense and base running. However, in the attack, the question mark has yet to be erased.

Kim Ha-sung has played 106 games as of the 15th (Korea Standard Time) with a batting average of 0.202, six home runs and 29 RBIs. The OPS, which is the sum of the on-base percentage.269 and the slugging percentage.335 is 0.603. The adjusted OPS (OPS+) compiled by the “Baseball Reference” is 68, slightly lower than the league average 100. Jagged participation is definitely the cause, but even when I went out steadily, I didn’t show a clear appearance.

However, there is also a view that Kim Ha-sung is selected as one of the team’s MVPs. The U.S. sports webzine “Blitzerport” included Kim Ha-sung’s name in an article dealing with MVPs of 30 MLB teams selected at this point on the 16th. In San Diego, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Joe Musglove were selected along with Kim Ha-sung.

Tatis Jr. has no room for theory. He is one of the National League MVP candidates. Musglove was a steady pitcher at a time when Darvish Yu and Blake Snell, who were originally mentioned as one-two punches, showed ups and downs. However, Kim Ha-sung’s name is actually unexpected.

But there was a reason. It’s defense. “Despite being a part-time player, Kim Ha-sung recorded +17 DRS in a total of three infield positions,” said ‘Blitzerport.’ He viewed the defensive contribution highly.

DRS is an indicator of how much they have prevented losing points with defense. Of course, defensive indicators still need to be verified more than offensive or pitching indicators. It cannot be asserted that Kim Ha-sung is the best defender. However, not only the record, but also the coaching staff’s evaluation and favorable reviews from the local media made the impression that Kim Ha-sung was a “good defender.” Not only DRS but also other defensive indicators maintain above the league average.

In fact, Kim Ha-sung’s WAR compared to the defensive substitute in the San Diego team is the unrivaled No. 1 player with 2.0. Second place is center fielder Trent Grisham, who is also considered a good defender, with 0.9 points. There’s quite a difference. In the overall WAR, which includes these defensive indicators, Kim Ha-sung ranks fifth among the team fielders with 1.8 points. Defending alone is making enough contributions.

San Diego continues to lose its chances of advancing to the postseason. Due to the urgent team situation, they are focusing on recovering their existing members’ conditions rather than experimenting with new cards. In this process, Kim Ha-sung’s position is not spreading well.

However, Kim Ha-sung signed a four-year contract and this year is his first season. The next three years of contract are left. As he received clear recognition for defense and base running in the first year, it can be said that he has overcome the biggest crisis in retrospect.

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