Cho Nan-gang

Her ideal type is Song Hye-kyo, a Korean idol, Cho Nan-gang, and a private marriage.

Cho Nan-gang

Singer and actor Tsuyoshi Kusunagi, a former member of the Japanese national group “SMAP,” known as the “Chonan River” in Korea, reported on his marriage.

According to a number of Japanese media including NHK on the 30th, Tsuyoshi Kusunagi sent a fax to the press through his office to reveal his marriage.

Tsuyoshi Kusunagi said in a media outlet, “I want to continue working in the same manner as before. I will work hard every day to receive your support.” He added, “We have made a report (marriage) in this situation, but we hope that the spread of the new coronavirus infection (Korona 19) will end as soon as possible.”

According to the agency, Tsuyoshi Kusunagi is a non-celebrity, and the two have already registered their marriage.

Born in 1974, Tsuyoshi Kusunagi debuted in the entertainment industry in 1988 with the Fuji TV drama. From 1991 to 2016, he worked as a member of the idol group SMAP, including Takuya Kimura, Masahiro Nakai, Koro Inaki, and Singo Katori, making numerous hit songs.

Even after SMAP was disbanded, he appeared in various dramas and movies and acted as an actor.

Unlike his comic image now known in Korea, Chonan Gang has maintained his status as Japan’s top star for decades with sincerity and humility.

In particular, Tsuyoshi Kusunagi is one of the most popular celebrities in Korea who is well-known under the stage name ‘Chonanang.’ In 2002, he released his Korean album ‘I Love You So Much’ under the name of Cho Nan-gang, which received much love in Korea.

He also showed off his extraordinary love for Korea by appearing on MBC’s “Golden Fishery-Kneesa” in 2013. Cha Seung-won, a Hallyu star who is also a close friend of Cho Nan-gang, made a surprise appearance as a guest to help.

“It’s a song that I really like,” Cho Nan-gang said about his debut song in Korea in 2002. I still sing it at karaoke these days. In particular, Cho Nan-gang carefully identified her ideal type by selecting Song Hye-kyo as a Korean female celebrity she wanted to meet in “We Got Married.”

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