Kwak Jin-young

Kwak Jin-young, why are you trying to make an extreme choice?

Kwak Jin-young

Actor Kwak Jin-young (51), who had been active in broadcasting until recently, is in critical condition after trying to make an extreme choice.

TV Daily reported on the 31st, “Kwak Jin-young attempted an extreme choice in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, where he is running the kimchi business on the 30th, and was taken to the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital.” Kwak Jin-young said he barely regained consciousness on the morning of the 31st after receiving intensive care at the intensive care unit, but said normal communication is difficult.

Kwak Jin-young has recently complained of mental pain due to persistent malicious comments and is said to have been burdened psychologically.

The public is shocked by the unexpected news as Kwak Jin-young has been appearing on the entertainment show “Burning Youth” until recently. In the broadcast at the time, Kwak Jin-young formed a new kimchi trio with Choi Min-yong, Ahn Hye-kyung, and Kang Moon-young, drawing much attention as he performed to the song “Yeosu God Kimchi.”

However, Kwak also confessed that he was hurt by malicious comments. Kwak Jin-young said, “It hurts me to talk about plastic surgery, which is suffering from comments every day,” and added, “If I search Kwak Jin-young, I find kimchi, plastic surgery, and plastic surgery addiction, but I didn’t cause any harm, and I think I did something wrong enough to die.” “I’m suffering from comments, but I’m doing well,” he said. “I’m the happiest person in my life right now.”

Meanwhile, Kwak Jin-young debuted in 1991 as the 20th official recruitment unit of MBC. The following year, he became famous for playing the role of his youngest daughter, Jong-mal, in the national drama “Son and Daughter,” which recorded more than 60% of viewership. In 2010, he started a kimchi business and turned into CEO of End of the Year Food.

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