Kang Ye-bin

Kang Ye-bin, Miss Trot 2 stage. I’m shocked. I’ll do my best.

Kang Ye-bin

Actress Kang Ye-bin drew attention by expressing her honest feelings about the “Miss Trot 2” stage.

Kang Ye-bin posted a photo on her Instagram on the 29th with a comment saying, “I went to shoot tvN for the first time in a long time,” and “I took a photo with a bright dress in a good mood.”

Kang also expressed remorse for her unsatisfactory performance on “Miss Trot 2.” Kang Ye-bin said, “Everyone saw my shocking performance and asked me if I did anything wrong. Did Yebin Kang do something wrong? It’s my fault that you’re arguing too hard. It’s all my fault.

Kang Ye-bin said, “I worked really hard on it, but it would be funnier if I was serious. It’s shocking even to me,” he said, confessing that he was not satisfied with the performance. “I didn’t have enough time to talk to my parents as if they were diving,” he said. I’ll try harder. We will practice more.” “You don’t have a lot to laugh about these days, and I’d like to thank you if you could laugh at me with that,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Kang Ye-bin received the lowest number of hearts on Hong Jin-young’s “Tonight” stage for appearing on TV Chosun’s “Miss Trot 2,” which aired on 24th.

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