Sandara Park

Sandara Park has never weighed more than 39kg in her life, but she recently gained 8kg due to Kim Sook and Park Na-rae.

Sandara Park

In ‘The Problematic Son of Topbang,’ Sandara Park will tell the story of her transformation from a news source to a big eater.

In KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “The Problem Child in the Rooftop Room,” which will air on the afternoon of the 29th, Sandara Park and Lee Ho-chul appear for Kim Hee-chul, who took the place of Jeong Hyung-don, to solve common sense problems with the members.

In a recent recording, Sandara Park said, “I’ve never weighed more than 38-39 kilograms in my life,” causing curiosity. Sandara Park said, “When I’m sick, I don’t eat because I’m sick, and when I’m busy, I don’t eat much.”

“My wish was to gain weight all my life. I’ve never been on a diet, but I’ve tried to gain weight,” Sandara Park said.

Sandara Park then surprised everyone by saying, “I recently gained 7 to 8 kilograms,” citing Kim Sook and Park Na-rae, who became close while broadcasting together. I usually ate a bite and said I was full, but when I ate with Kim Sook and Park Na-rae, who especially like to eat, I said, “I (I) didn’t leave my chopsticks either.”

Sandalak Park said, “I started to gain weight, and Sook seemed to like it,” adding to the laughter by informing me of the unexpected joining of Sook-line.

Meanwhile, ‘The Problem Children in the Rooftop Room’ airs every Tuesday at 10:40 p.m.

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