dark chocolate

I’ll give you the effects of dark chocolate and tips on how to buy it.

dark chocolate

the effects of dark chocolate

It is rich in antioxidants.

Dark chocolate is famous for its various antioxidants such as procyanidine, which removes active oxygen, and theobromine, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, and superfoods rich in various minerals. These antioxidants remove active oxygen and protect the skin to prevent aging.

It’s good for dry skin.

Iron, calcium, and vitamins are typical nutrients that can be taken from dark chocolate. If you stop coffee or tea that makes your skin dry due to diuretic effects and drink a drink that contains a lot of cacao instead, you can maintain smooth and moist skin.

It’s effective in blocking ultraviolet rays.

The flavonol compounds in dark chocolate block UV light, the main culprit of skin aging. It protects the skin from sun damage or burns and prevents skin cancer. In a study in London about dark chocolate, participants were asked to consume 20 grams of dark chocolate every day for 12 weeks. As a result, people who have consistently eaten dark chocolate often have twice as much sunburn time as those who haven’t. Like this, dark chocolate is effective in preventing UV protection and aging, and if you eat it steadily, you can also improve deep and fine wrinkles.

Reduce stress hormones.

Many people experience feeling better after eating chocolate. This is because the components of cacao reduce stress hormones. Stress hormones accelerate skin aging, and eating dark chocolate reduces the hormone and makes the skin’s collagen content strong.

It’s good for your scalp.

Minerals such as copper, zinc, and iron in dark chocolate speed the cell’s production cycle. Therefore, daily intake of dark chocolate not only provides oxygen to the scalp and helps prevent hair loss due to good blood circulation, but also prevents scalp inflammation and grows hair faster.

Tips for purchasing dark chocolate

When purchasing dark chocolate, read the label carefully and examine the ingredients. Dark chocolate products containing more than 70% cacao are usually marked on the front of the package. If it’s not marked, look at the back. If the first ingredient on the label is milk or sugar, it is likely that the chocolate does not contain more than 70 percent cacao.

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