‘Hidden Stone’ Tottenham RB Doherty on loan to AT Madrid…’Here We Go’

Matt Doherty, who was previously active, is scheduled to leave the team as Tottenham Hotspur is likely to recruit “right-back” Pedro prisoner. The destination is Atletico Madrid.


Matteo Moreto, a reporter for Spain’s leading newspaper ‘Llevo’, said on the 30th, “Doherty will be loaned to Atletico. “It’s a completed deal,” he said, announcing a new transfer.

At the same time, Fabrizio Romano, a reporter familiar with the European football transfer market, also said on his SNS, “Atletico will recruit Doherty on a loan contract from Tottenham. A contract has been signed. “The purchase option clause was not included,” he said, leaving a unique “here we go” phrase announcing the confirmation of the transfer.

Tottenham had a lot of worries about the right-back issue this season. He also had Doherty, Emerson Royal and Jed Spence, but there was no reliable player. Doherty and Emerson continued to be injured and sluggish, and Spence was not trusted by Antonio Conte because he was a promising player.

In the end, he looked for new resources in the winter transfer market. Sporting Lisbon’s prisoner was spotted and pushed for recruitment. There was a rough process that the contract was terminated until the end of the transfer market. However, Chairman Daniel Levy was able to confirm the recruitment of prisoners by actively pursuing the recruitment until the end.

With the recruitment of the prisoner, “Park Dol” Doherty`s is scheduled to leave the team. This is because there are as many as four right-back resources. Atletico, who was aiming for this gap, will embrace Doherty. Atletico was able to complete the reinforcement of the right-back by signing Doherty on a six-month short-term contract.

Dohertys moved from Wolverhampton to Tottenham in 2020 and is building a career. Although he had difficulties in the main competition from the beginning of the transfer, he slowly received opportunities after coach Antonio Conte led. In February last season, he scored two goals and three assists in six games. However, Dohertys who was ruled out of the season due to a ligament injury in his right knee, could no longer play. His performance did not stand out even in a situation where he competes with Mersong this season. 파워볼실시간

In the end, Conte decided to let Doherty go rather than Emerson. Doherty will be on loan to Atletico for the rest of the season, making his first Spanish La Liga appearance.

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