Kubo Takefusa

“Real Madrid considers re-recruitment of Kubo Takefusa” Spanish report

Kubo Takefusa (21) is making his former team Real Madrid worry.

Kubo Takefusa

Kubo Takefusa was on loan with Real until last season. He left Real in July last year and moved to Sociedad. He has never played a game as an official member of Real.

Takefusa Kubo made a strong impression as if he was protesting against Real on the 30th of last month, “Why did you send it?”

Since then, rumors of Kubo’s return to Real broke out through a number of media. “I think Real is thinking about Kubo’s return,” Spain’s As said.

Football Espanya put the headline, “Should Real consider recruiting Kubo again?”

According to the media, Kubo posed the biggest threat to Real. He was a nuisance, and his goal was to score the winning goal.

This season, he has risen to the level under the guidance of coach Imanol Al-Fruit. I try to get off the ball and join the defense. Coach Javier Aguirre interrupted Kubo in Mallorca last season. There is no problem with the style of play anymore. The ability and pass quality to beat defenders by putting the ball on their feet were excellent. At the beginning of the season, he stressed, “It may be the last opportunity to step up at the top level.” I seized the opportunity.

It’s no surprise that some of Real’s management are profiting from returning Kubo to Santiago Bernabeu. The 21-year-old again established himself as Spain’s most promising player and is on track.

There is one thing to note here. Real brought Martin 데degaard on a two-year loan to Real Sociedad and quickly brought him back a year later. When he returned, he was unable to play his original role in Madrid. I was kicked out to Arsenal. He showed his talent there again.

Kubo plays No. 10 behind the striker or performs best on the right. The position (No. 10 striker) does not currently exist in Real’s system. Marco Asensio, Rodrigo and Federico Valverde are competing on the right. They argued that the best way to let Kubo stay in Sociedad for a year is to call him.

As Odegaard’s case suggests, it means that we should watch Kubo while giving him a little more patience and time.

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