How much do you look like your 5-year-old nephew who sent you to heaven? Cow Goosebumps


Singer Jadu expressed his affection for his nephew.

On the 2nd, Jadu posted a picture on his Instagram, saying, “Love for my nephew #looks like me #Goosebumps.”

The picture shows Jadu dating her nephew. Plums and nephews resting on chairs. At this time, the resemblance between the two heads attracts attention. Also, Jadu had a great time reading a book to her nephew. In the process, “Five-year-old fashion sense.”Your sense,” he said, drawing a smile from his lovely nephew wearing a dress, sneakers, and a crown.

Jadu then showed his affection, saying, “My heart’s stamina has increased #When I’m with you.”

#Meanwhile, Jadu married a Korean-American pastor 6 years older in 2013. Jadu said in a broadcast last year, “I have four nephews and it’s hard to raise them alone, so I’m living a lot at home helping them raise them. The house is full of traces of children,” he said, drawing attention

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