It’s been a while, but I’m going to film you like this Park Ha-sun Ryu Sooyoung and real couple chemistry


Actress Park Ha-sun (34) lamented her husband Ryu Soo-young (42)’s photography skills.

On the 31st, Park Ha-sun said on her Instagram, “I took a picture of you after a long time. Will you take it like this?”He mentioned Ryu Soo-young.

He is wearing a hooded T-shirt and pouting his lips. Park Ha-sun created a gentle beauty and a lovely atmosphere. They visited a Greek restaurant near their house and enjoyed their date

In the comments, Park Ha-sun said, “Love stories are eyes.” “Loyalty! Something is shaking…”I took a picture of my annoyed expression. Ryu Soo-young and Park Ha-sun got married in 2017 and gave birth to a daughter in the same year.

Meanwhile, Park Ha-sun is the host of SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cine Town.” Kakao TV’s original “Bringing Up” season 2 that ended recently…He was active in ‘ing’

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