I didn’t want Chelsea Tuchel, I wanted Lalfrenic. I don’t have a four-month temporary job.


Chelsea’s final choice for manager Frank Lampard was Thomas Tuchel. However, it was reported that he had negotiated with Lalfrannick before then.

“Gol-dot-com” reported on the 14th (Korea time) that “Langnick said he had received Chelsea’s offer.”

Langnick is a veteran leader who led Germany’s Hannover 96, Schalke 04 and RB Leipzig. In particular, Hanover and Leipzig were promoted to the first division, and during Schalke’s time, they reached the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League for the first time 파워볼사이트

Chelsea, who replaced Lampard due to poor performance, has found a new coach. They started negotiations with manager Langnick, who is good at laying the foundation for the team.

“I have negotiated with Chelsea for the managerial position,” Langnick told The Times. But they said short-term projects. I want to be with you, but I can’t do a four-month job. “I’m not a temporary manager,” he said. “The negotiations with Chelsea have been broken.

However, he left open the possibility of becoming a manager of the Premier League. “It depends on whether the club wants a German leader. “It should be something special,” he said.

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