Baek Seung-ho's

Baek Seung-ho’s professional contract has been confirmed by the Spanish Football Association for more than five years.

Baek Seung-ho's

Jeonbuk Hyundai, the defending champion of the K-League 1, is trying to fill in the final puzzle for Mercury in the 2021 season. Baek Seung-ho (24, SV Darmstadt), a versatile midfielder who can be responsible for both the center, right side and the second line of offense 토토사이트

The atmosphere is nice. Recently, I heard positive news. It is about more than five years since Baek Seung-ho signed a professional contract. This is a serious matter. This is because it can be the biggest obstacle for players who used to play overseas to come to the K-League.

There are unique local rules in the K-League. It stipulates that an amateur player who immediately entered overseas cannot exceed 36 million won per year if he returns within five years after signing a professional (adult level) contract with an overseas team. You can earn more money with allowances such as participation and attack points, but players can be considered disadvantageous.

Jeonbuk, which manager Kim Sang-sik and advisor Park Ji-sung came forward and confirmed Baek Seung-ho’s willingness to enter the K-League, asked the Korea Professional Football Federation to check Baek Seung-ho’s status. It was an inquiry about when the International Transfer Agreement (ITC) was issued.

The Korea Football Association, through the Federation, requested the Spanish Football Association to provide information earlier this month, and a reply came just before the Lunar New Year holiday. To begin with, Baek Seung-ho, who became a professional player before March 2016, can play in the K-League with an annual salary of more than 36 million won.

I was worried. FC Barcelona (Spain), which took Baek Seung-ho, has a unique contract method. Rumor has it that many amateur players who did not sign adult contracts joined the first and second teams.

Fortunately, Baek did not apply. It was reported that Baek Seung-ho joined Barcelona B in the summer of 2015. He went through CF Peralada-Girona and then Germany in August 2019. Lee Seung-woo (23, Portimonens SC), who decided to stay in Europe while contacting Jeonbuk and Gangwon FC, also had his first professional contract for more than five years, just like Baek Seung-ho.

Jeonbuk has already opened a negotiation window with Darmstadt through direct and indirect routes. The form of recruitment has been completely transferred. He also figured out the overall transfer fee that his opponent, who signed with Baek Seung-ho, wanted by June 2022. Currently, Darmstadt is asking for more than 1 million euros (about 1.34 billion won), and Jeonbuk, which has also reviewed the lease, is reportedly hoping to settle it at around 800,000 euros (about 1.07 billion won). In other words, the gap is not large. As the timing of the professional contract has been confirmed, negotiations between the two clubs as well as negotiations between Baek Seung-ho and Jeonbuk can be accelerated at any time.

If the transfer is made, there are many positive factors for each other. Baek Seung-ho, who aims to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, can leap forward with fair opportunities in a stable environment, while Jeonbuk, where Lee Seung-gi and Kunimoto (Japan) have escaped due to injuries, can be helped by a high-level midfielder. The winter transfer market of European football was closed, but the K-League is open until March, so the negotiation period is also leisurely.

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