I don’t want to make the staff wait Kim Hyesoo arrived 2 hours before the shoot


Actress Kim Hye-soo, the “representative strong sister of the entertainment industry,” expressed her warmth with a beautiful story of taking care of the staff.

Mnet’s entertainment program “TMI News,” which aired on the 22nd, revealed “BEST 15,” a representative of the entertainment industry.

On this day, actor Kim Hye-soo ranked second in the “representative strong sister of the entertainment industry.” “TMI News” MCs introduced Kim Hye-soo as “a strong sister who makes the actors’ awards ceremony a fan meeting,” adding, “In front of Kim Hye-soo, Lee Je-hoon, who memorizes lines well, forgets his lines, and Ma Dong-seok becomes a cutie.”

In particular, whenever Kim Hye-soo participated in the awards ceremony, she became an “award goddess” by showing off her unconventional costumes, glamorous body, and elegant and confident attitude. He made headlines every time he challenged an unconventional dress even in an atmosphere where his gaze on exposure was not favorable before 2000.

Kim Hye-soo, who was asked if she was an “exposed patient” at the time, said, “Isn’t the exposed patient a babari man?” “Are you learning not to wear a dress you want to wear?” he said proudly.

Kim Hye-soo then appeared as a mannish black suit look on the red carpet of the 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards, breaking everyone’s expectations. This was highly praised for participating in the performance against the practice of the “Khan Film Festival” red carpet, which was mandatory for the actress at the time to dress and high heels.

Above all, Kim Hye-soo’s biggest charm was her warm heart, who always took care of the staff around her. He usually arrives two hours before the start of the shoot because he doesn’t like the staff waiting, and says to the staff of 13 years, “It’s not natural that you’re nice to me. I’m just thankful. “Thank you for doing well,” he said, expressing his emotion.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-soo played the main character Hyun-soo in the movie “The Day I Die,” which was released in November last year.

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