There was a reason why Kim Gura didn’t say anything around her second child


“Kim Gura’s wife gave birth to a second child recently.”
“Birth earlier than the scheduled date…””Kim Gura, second, I’m only focusing on my health, so I don’t tell people around me.”

Broadcaster Kim Gu-ra (real name Kim Hyun-dong, 51) got the second youngest. Kim Gu-ra’s wife, A, recently gave birth to a child.

My Daily initially went through a fact-checking process after hearing the news of A’s birth earlier this month, but Kim Gu-ra’s request for “understanding” was not published.

This is because Kim Gu-ra’s second child was born earlier than the expected childbirth and is receiving incubator treatment, so Kim Gu-ra asked, “I hope it will be known after receiving treatment healthily.”

However, on the 23rd, The Fact Media exclusively reported Kim Gu-ra’s second birth and became known to the public.

It is said that Kim Gu-ra was only worried about the baby’s health recovery and was only working hard to recover his wife and second child’s health without informing anyone of the birth news.

Kim Gu-ra remarried his lover A, who is 12 years younger than him, last year. Kim Gura Seulha has a son and singer Grie (real name Kim Dong-hyun, 23) born with his ex-wife. In other words, he has a younger brother who is 23 years younger 광주호빠

Earlier in July, Kim Gu-ra’s second possibility was mentioned in JTBC’s entertainment show “Brave Solo Parenting – I Raise It.”

The cast told Kim Gura, “There is a second possibility. When I was rambling, “Wasn’t he king of sperm in the past?” Kim Gu-ra laughed, saying, “Okay, I got it.”

At that time, Kim Gu-ra did not say anything positive or negative about the second mention, but in other words, there was a slope to get a second child.

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