I have a goal that I haven’t had since the Oscars


“I want to go there again someday.”

Hollywood, the home of the movie, and Oscar, which is at the peak of the movie, is a dream stage that any movie star wants. Park Yu-rim, who was lucky to experience the stage as her first movie, said, “I have a goal that I didn’t have.”

Park Yu-rim, who recently met at E-Daily’s office building, told the story after the 94th Academy Awards held in March. Park Yu-rim was invited to the ceremony as an actor who starred in “Drive My Car” directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, who was a candidate for the International Feature Film Awards. He was able to capture the glorious moment when his name was called after the movie he starred in received an award.

“Oscar experience? What words should I describe that feeling? It’s hard to put into words. There were countless emotions. I really want to experience my name again someday.”

Park Yu-rim played Yuna with a speech disorder in ‘Drive Micah’. “Drive My Car,” a film adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s short story, depicts how people with pain of loss meet and share each other’s pain and heal. Park Yu-rim is a Korean actor with a language disorder in the play, and played the character Yuna, who appears in a multinational-language play (Czech Republic’s “Mr. Banja”) staged by the main character, a director and actor.

Since “Drive My Car” is a Japanese movie, there must have been no difficulties while filming, but Park Yu-rim even had to learn sign language.

Strangely, sign language didn’t feel difficult. I learned it as if I were learning a foreign language. “Since it was my first movie, I just wanted to do well, so I didn’t think about the difficulties of Japanese movies or sign language.”

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