I like to play with Simmons Joel Embeed, who dismissed the rumor of discord


Embed has come forward to explain the alleged feud with Simmons himself.

Joel Embid of the Philadelphia 76ers expressed his thoughts on the recent relationship between Ben Simmons and Philadelphia, one of the hottest issues among basketball fans, and rumors of discord between Simmons and himself on his Twitter account on the 2nd (Korea time).

“Trust me bro!” Stop using my name to stamp people’s thoughts. I love and hate dramas at the same time. I like to play with Simmons. Records don’t lie. He’s an amazing player, and we haven’t done what we can yet. It’s just my personal thing. I want everyone to step down. Because we know we are good enough to win.”

Simmons, who has been leading the team with Embeed for the past four years as Philadelphia’s main point guard, has been criticized by Philadelphia fans since he was eliminated in the second round of the 2021 playoffs east conference. The reason was that Simmons was too sluggish during the playoffs.

As a result, Philadelphia fans, also known for their notorious fans, “Philly gun,” poured out too much criticism and demanded Simmons’ trade. Fellow Embed also declined to comment directly, but picked Simmons-led attack rights as the scene that led directly to defeat after Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks, which was frustrated in front of the East Final. At that time, Simmons made an open chance over his opponent’s defender, but he was passive in choosing a pass over a shot, leading to the team’s failure to score.

Meanwhile, through this series of processes, Simmons recently demanded a direct trade from the team, and for the third consecutive year, there have been a string of all-star point guards eye-catching teams.

Against this backdrop, Embed sent a critical message to the media and fans who were bent on creating discord between Simmons and the team.

“Based on my experience, people don’t know how many stories the media creates to attract the attention of followers. And those who believe this should be ashamed of themselves.”

“I can never forget two years ago,” said Embed, recalling the criticism that had poured on him during the 2018-2019 playoffs. I was booed and Philadelphia fans wanted to trade me. I told them to be quiet at the time. Only the real ones didn’t, and I just focused off season. Because I knew I didn’t fulfill my potential. Philadelphia fans should all be better.

Finally, he added that such a series of criticisms could serve as manure for growth.

“To be clear, I love criticism. I love the moment I hear I can’t do anything. They make me work harder to prove all wrong. But not everyone is like that.

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