Swans resurrected with 14 homers this year batting average of $0.000


Auckland Laurie has only one walk in nine games due to injury since signing with the Mets in 2019-20 years.

The Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada, on the 5th, when Ryu Hyun-jin’s team played against the Toronto Blue Jays and the Oakland Athletics.

Jed Laurie, the “eat and run” in Auckland, has started as the fifth designated hitter. Although he started the day as a designated hitter, he was originally a second baseman. This year, he played as a second baseman in 71 games. Before knee surgery, he is a multi-position player who can be left in infield positions such as third baseman and shortstop. He is also a switch hitter who can hold both right and left at bat.

Although Laurie’s bat was silent with no hits in three at-bats in the game, his performance this year is bound to give the New York Mets a heart.

Laurie’s performance this year was 123 games, 108 hits in 429 at-bats and a .252 batting average. Home runs are 14 double digits again. It’s not wrong to say that you’ve fully escaped from the slump of the past two years.

With 14 home runs in 2017 and 23 home runs in 2018, Laurie was selected as an All-Star. At the end of the season, Laurie, who became an FA, signed a two-year contract with the New York Mets on January 16, 2019, moving from the American League Western District to the Eastern Division of the National League.

The Mets expected a blow, leaving him to second base. However, in his first year of joining the team, he had only eight at-bats in nine games, earning a batting average of 0.000, 0 home run and one walk. A chronic knee injury and a hamstring caught his ankle.

In 2020, he failed to play a single game due to knee surgery and became a free agent on October 28 of that year.

Laurie, who failed to recover from injury, managed to sign with Oakland on February 10 ahead of this year’s spring camp and put on his Athletic uniform again.

He succeeded in signing the contract, but his performance was unknown. Auckland also signed him a minor league contract and joined the spring camp as an invited player.

According to the Baseball Reference, the annual salary for a minor league contract was $100,000. He signed a contract for 100,000 dollars, or only 1 percent of the previous year’s salary of 10 million dollars. He is now playing in the Major League, earning $1.5 million 파워볼사이트

The club did not expect much from him, who had not recovered since knee surgery. Fans also thought the 37-year-old was his last attempt to retire this year.

However, he was gradually regaining his old form, recovering his sense of hitting at the spring camp. Of course, due to knee surgery, he failed to show fast footwork, so he played as a designated hitter rather than defense.

And ahead of the start of this season, Laurie was included in the 40-man roster and joined the Major League at the same time as the opening.

Laurie, who was expected to retire this year, will be able to extend his career next year if he finishes this season as it is.

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