Lee Kang-in

I want to recruit Lee Kang-in a good player, to the position

Lee Kang-in

Granada director publicly expressed interest in recruiting Lee Kang-in.

Spain’s Plaza Deporsiva reported on the 18th (hereinafter Korean time) that “Granada director Pep Boada acknowledged that Lee Kang-in was a candidate for the team’s recruitment.”

Reportedly The director expressed his public interest in Lee Kang-in at a press conference to recruit Luis Massimiano. “All I can say is that I highly value Lee Kang-in and the players we are watching. “It’s also time for us to recruit a position,” he said.

It turned out that Granada is targeting Lee Kang-in as the director who is directly or indirectly involved in the recruitment publicly mentioned Lee Kang-in’s name. It was on the 11th that Lee Kang-in was rumored to transfer to Granada. At the time, Spain’s As said, “Granada noticed Lee Kang-in. “The reason why Granada coach Roberto Moreno paid attention to Lee Kang-in is because he thinks he will fit well with his spectacular football.”

Granada was promoted to La Liga in Spain in the 2019-20 season, creating a sensation and finishing seventh. Last season, he was ninth. As the existing coach resigned, Moreno was appointed, and the team is working on a new round centered on the changed coach.

Moreno is a coach who has been a leader of Barcelona and Spain in the past and pursues a share of football. However, the concern is that Moreno is a 4-3-3 formation lover. Lee Kang-in is a player who prefers the central attacking midfielder position. Still, Moreno’s tendency is likely to suit Lee Kang-in more than Valencia coach Jose Bordalas, who has a conservative 4-4-2 formation.

Granada has no NON-EU issue, so it is possible to recruit Lee Kang-in. Valencia has set 10 million euros (about 13.7 billion won) for Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee, but due to the urgent situation, it may be sold with a cheaper price or bonus clause.

Rumors of Lee Kang-in’s transfer are taking shape as he arrives in Spain, and it is also linked to overseas clubs including Wolverhampton, except Granada.

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