They made this a uniform. Puma’s third kit Let’s reveal it


Uniform manufacturer Puma is under public criticism.

Puma released a series of third-kits of clubs in charge of the Spons on the 19th (Korea time). The clubs released were Manchester City, AC Milan, Valencia, Borussia Monchengladbach, Olanfique de Marseille, Fenerbahce and PSV Eindhoven. Among them, Valencia and Fenerbahce are currently the clubs that Lee Kang-in and Kim Min-jae belong to.

The released uniform had the same basic design and composition as a replica, with only different background and text colors and text contents. The name of the club was engraved while the Puma logo was drawn in the center of the chest, and the line was drawn up and down right below it. Sponsors of each club were located below it 토토사이트

In fact, third-kits are usually worn 4-5 times a season on average. Most teams play a season with home and away kits. That doesn’t mean it’s not important. As much as you wear it in official games, you have to pay attention to it. It can be seen from the various designs of third-kit teams with Nike and Adidas as sponsors. However, Puma made an incomprehensible move by making all of the third-kit designs of the teams in charge of the Spons the same.

Eventually, fans were furious as soon as the uniform was revealed. Fans say, “Did you make this a uniform for the game?”I should wear it only when I train.” “I don’t understand why the Puma logo is so big in the middle of the chest.” “The design of the uniform should be unique.” “Did anyone come up with any ideas?” “I’m lazy, I’m the worst,” he criticized, saying, “I’m going to make uniforms for various clubs at this level.”

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