I went to the hotel but it’s not forced The shock of the winning member of Japan’s WBC feels betrayed


Hotaka Yamakawa, Japan’s WBC (World Baseball Classic) winner and national slugger, was embroiled in a sex scandal. Since Yamakawa is married with a daughter, the controversy seems to be growing.

Yamakawa, a member of the Seibu Lions, played a big role as a member of the WBC championship held in March. Usually, Yamakawa is a player with a pleasant and interesting image. Seibu fans, as well as international competitions, have always been praised for raising the overall atmosphere of the team with cheerful and bright appearances.

However, it turned out that Yamakawa was investigated by the police for alleged sexual assault. On the 11th, Japan’s “Weekly Bunchun” reported that Yamakawa is suspected of being forcibly molested by a woman in her 20s.

According to the “Weekly Bunchun” report, Yamakawa first met a woman in her 20s three years ago, and since then, Yamakawa has continued to flirt, and in November last year, he forcibly raped a woman at a hotel, causing bleeding from her lower body. Shortly after the incident, the woman reported to the police for a forced molestation case, and the police, who repaired the related information, summoned Yamakawa immediately after the end of the WBC to investigate. Yamakawa denied in a police investigation, saying, “I admitted to going to a hotel with a woman and injuring her, but I definitely did not force her to do so.”

However, Yamakawa married a woman who is one year older than him in college in 2017, and has a daughter born in 2019. Yamakawa has often revealed himself as a friendly father with his daughter through his SNS account, which is even more shocking to fans.

A police investigation is still under way. I submitted evidence such as cell phones. Depending on what the police conclude, Yamakawa’s position is also expected to change. There is no possibility of destroying evidence, so there is no possibility of immediate arrest.

The problem is that the club has not been informed of this information. Seibu sent Yamakawa to the first division match on the 11th, and only removed him from the entry on the 12th, a day after media reports came out. The club said it was “a cancellation due to conditions,” but no one believes it. According to local officials, the Seibu club is rumored to feel a great betrayal of Yamakawa, who did not disclose this information early. Deletion of the entry is also a de facto new dimension 실시간 파워볼사이트

The Seibu club is also waiting for the conclusion of a police investigation, so it may not be easy to return to the first division with Yamaka this season. Yamakawa will meet the FA qualification if he fills the first-team registration days for another 15 days. However, considering that the Seibu club is relatively strict about the players’ personality and personal privacy, the media believes that Yamakawa may be disciplined that he will not be able to play in the remaining games this season. I’m watching the development for now

Yamakawa appeared at the second-tier training ground on the 14th, but his reputation has already fallen to the ground. Who will be able to support him

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