There was no love call 13 FA members were not signed renegotiated with their original team by the 30th


No player received a letter of intent from the other team. All of them will renegotiate with their original team.

KBL said on the 25th, “All 13 FA players did not receive letters of intent from other teams until noon today, the deadline.” Accordingly, 13 people will renegotiate with their original team until the 30th.

Park Se-jin (KCC), Park Sang-kwon, Won Jong-hoon (DB), Kang Ba-il (Samsung), Kim Han-young (LG), Lim Jong-il, Park Jae-hyun, Lee Jung-won (Daywon), Kim Dong-wook (KT), Lee Dae-sung (Korea Gas Corporation), Yoon Sung-joon and Jung Jong-hyun (Hyundai Mobis) were not able to sign contracts with any teams until the 22nd. However, Kim Dong-wook announced his retirement, and Lee Dae-sung has agreed to challenge overseas expansion with his original team, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation.

Players who failed to sign a contract even in renegotiation with their original team are classified as non-contracted players. Unsigned players can negotiate with teams again as an FA in May next year if they have their own will. Players who decide to retire will be announced as retired players. Moon Tae-young (former Samsung), who played until the 2019-2020 season, is still classified as an undisclosed player. 토토

Meanwhile, teams that have recruited FA to which compensation is applied must deliver the list of protected players to KBL by 6 p.m. on the 26th. After receiving the list of protected players, the original team must choose between 50% of the player’s salary last season and 200% of the player’s compensation or compensation by 6 p.m. on the 28th

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