I’m going to get double eyelid surgery for sagging eyes


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. I’m planning to get a sagging eye surgery. I’m going to do double eyelid surgery. My eyelashes tend to poke my eyes when I’m a little droopy. Even when I was young, I used to be scolded or teased for waking up and dozing off. Basically, there are thin double eyelids. I want to open my eyes clearly, and I don’t want my double eyelids to stand out in the form of inner double eyelids.

A: If your eyelashes poke your eyes, you can correct them through the incisional double eyelids.

If you feel uncomfortable opening your eyes, performing muscle surgery can correct them to open your eyes more clearly.

You can decide whether to do inner double eyelids or large double eyelids according to your preference and decide the size. You can also use the inner double eyelid size while doing the incisional double eyelid.

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