The aftereffects of a 26-year-old single mom vaccine excited about her new diaper bag have healed


“Dolsingles” Bae Soo-jin revealed his recent health after the vaccine’s aftereffects have healed.

Bae Soo-jin said on her SNS on the 15th, “It’s a diaper bag, but I carry it when I go on a trip when I work. It goes well with any clothes, simple, strong, and the bag I wanted. I even put my initials in the back! I posted several photos along with the article “Totally My Stal.”

The released photo shows Bae Soo-jin wearing a new diaper bag. The soft body of Bae Su-jin makes the diaper bag look big. It stands out as a “26-year-old single mom” who takes care of both practicality and style.

In particular, Bae Soo-jin said on the 14th, “It’s been six days since I got a Pfizer injection, and I still have chest pain, is it normal?” He also complained of the aftereffects of the vaccine, saying, “It’s a little stuffy to breathe.” Since then, when fans were worried, Bae Soo-jin said, “I’ve been feeling better on the 7th day.”

Meanwhile, comedian Bae Dong-sung’s daughter Bae Soo-jin recently gained popularity by appearing on MBN’s entertainment program “Doll Singles.”

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