home run

I’m happy to be the home run that will break the team’s losing streak Kim Ha Sung, solidifying Kim Ha-sung

home run

On the day of defeat in the Major League, the locker room has a sense of silence that reminds me of a temple. Both coaches and players respond to interviews professionally, but they cannot ask awkward and long questions due to the atmosphere. On the winning day, the locker room vibrates with music. I can’t even hear the voice of the interview.

On the 4th (Korea Standard Time), the Padres locker room in San Diego was noisy. In the crisis of losing three consecutive games to the Dodgers and being swept four consecutive games, Eric Hosmer hit a 2-1 come-from-behind hit in the ninth inning and Kim Ha-sung hit a wedge two-run shot to solidify 4-1, allowing him to move home with a 4-2 victory. 47 wins and 34 losses in the season.

SD was overwhelmed by Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw (7 scoreless innings) and setup man Evan Phillips’ pitch, and was forced into a shutout situation as well as a four-game losing streak with nine strikeouts and no runs until the eighth inning. However, after one out in the ninth inning, Jake Cronenworth made a breakthrough with a line drive hit by Dodgers closer Craig Kimbrel.

Then, the powerful clean-up heater Luke Voit hit the left fence and tied the game. After Hosmer hit a right come-from-behind hit in a continuous chance, Kim Ha-sung hit NC Almonte’s 132km (82 miles) slider, which replaced Kimbrel, and sealed the victory with a two-run shot that slightly crossed the left-center fence.

Kim Ha-sung’s two-run home run came in 38 games since the game against the SF Giants on May 23. It was even more valuable because it was a home run that ended the team’s losing streak. SD Bob Melvin said, “We fought tight with the Dodgers, and the bullpen threw so well that we won an important victory. Kim Ha-sung’s home run was really big. The scores of 2-1 and 4-1 are different. It was an exciting home run,” he said.

Kim Ha-sung, who hit a solidifying home run following a multi-hit the previous day, said, “I’m so happy that the team won. The team lost three consecutive games to the Dodgers, and we had a finishing pitcher left, and it was a three-point home run, so we were very satisfied with the team’s contribution.

In addition to being dragged by the Dodgers 1-0, the last attack began in the ninth inning from No. 2 Manny Machado, and it was unlikely that the batting order would come to No. 7 Kim Ha-sung. It’s because Kimbrel, the closer of the Dodgers. “I was hoping it would come to my plate. Once I came to my at-bat, it was a tie or a reversal. I came to the batter’s box as I hoped, and I got a good pitch,” he said, expressing his feelings at the last attack.

The three-at-bat match against Dodgers veteran Clayton Kershaw was a complete defeat. Kim Ha-sung said, “The first at-bat was a slider strikeout. The slider was sharper than when they faced each other at Petco Park last time. In his second at-bat, he was somewhat prepared, so he sent a good ball aimed at the slider, but he was out in front of the fielder (3rd baseman). The third hit a curve. I expected a curve. It was a bit disappointing. The ball I aimed for was not suitable for the spot because of the good angle,” he said, explaining in detail the match against the legend 토토추천

In his last at-bat, the home run made him nervous while watching the ball. Kim Ha-sung said, “I hit the slider well. I thought it was a home run. However, I was unsure because I didn’t hit too much this year. In addition, the fielder made a move to catch the fly ball, so I knew it was a home run after crossing the fence.”

What has changed Kim Ha-sung this year is the battering of the runner scoring position and the decisive situation. He also hit a homerun against the Dodgers with two outs and runners on first base. “I experienced it last year, and I’m still not good enough, but I got used to it as I played and focused on every at-bat, so my batting has changed a little. My goal is to become a player who improves every year,” he said, showing confidence.

With the victory, SD narrowed the gap between the leading Dodgers and the game to 3.5

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