Soto contract negotiated to break 550 billion won in Trout


Washington Nationals outfielder Juan Soto (24) has begun negotiations on an extension contract. The size of the contract is the highest in the Major League.

Major League Baseball reporter Hector Gomez said on his SNS on the 1st (Korea Standard Time) that the Washington club offered Soto a 13-year extension of $425 million (about 553 billion won).

In fact, Washington is eager to catch Soto, who has grown into the best star in the franchise. Washington was rumored to have offered $350 million to Soto before the start of this season. The $300 million contract is not a satisfactory amount for Soto, who has both skills and popularity.

Some even predict that the record for the highest amount in Major League Baseball history will be broken.

Currently, the highest amount is held by Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels. Trout signed a 12-year, mega-long-term contract with his team Angels in 2019. It was the largest amount in North American sports history beyond the Major League.

Since then, many top stars have signed long-term contracts, but no one has reached the Trout amount. The following year after Trout signed, Mookie Betts signed a 12-year contract of $365 million in 2020, Francisco Lindor signed a 10-year contract of $341 million last year, and Corey Seager, who moved to Texas ahead of this season, signed a 10-year contract of $325 million

Some predict that it will not be easy to surpass the track record. That’s because Trout has the modifier that he is the best player in the Major League, which is full of monsters.

If Soto wants to surpass Trout’s highest-ever contract, he will also consider extending the contract period much longer, such as Fernando Tatis Jr. and Bryce Harper 안전공원추천

Soto, who is eligible for an annual salary adjustment application, must play until 2024 to qualify for FA. There are still three years left, but if he becomes an FA, his agent Scott Boras will demand an astronomical amount beyond Trout. Therefore, the Washington club also plans to tie Soto up before becoming an FA.

With time on Soto’s side, attention is being paid to whether there will be news of a large contract that will surprise baseball fans

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