I’m looking forward to Park’s first outing with three members


Trot singer Park Gun (real name Park Joon-woo, 36) and Han Young (real name Han Ji-young, 44) from the group LPG shared their honeymoon.

Han Young posted a photo on her Instagram on the 21st, saying, “The three of us are going out for the first time.”

“May is a beauty artist. Chef Park goes to work right away, and I go to work in the afternoon. I’ll see you after I get my hair done. I’m looking forward to it,” he added. The photo shows Park and Han-young in a car and their dog Oh-wol. Han Young showed off her elegant beauty with a bright smile, and Park showed off her warm appearance while hugging May.

Meanwhile, Park and Han Young married in April. Park is appearing on SBS entertainment show “My Little Old Boy,” and recently released his newlywed house on a show, drawing attention

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