I’m healing with my dog at Kyungri beach Goddess beauty is still the same


Kyung-ri, a former member of the group Nine Muses, gave an update.

On the afternoon of the 21st, Kyung-ri posted a photo on her Instagram with a message, “It’s nice here, I came to work, but I followed my mom on a business trip like a vacation, and Feat. Big, so cute Daeng Jelly.”

Gyeong-ri in the released photo is having a good time with her dog on the beach in Yangyang. Many people’s attention was drawn to her beauty, who still showed off her goddess figure on the beach she visited for filming.

Meanwhile, Kyung-ri (real name Park Kyung-ri), who was born in 1990, debuted as Nine Muses in 2012 and is currently appearing in Season 7 of “Beauty and Booty.”

In addition, it is operating YouTube channels “Accounting Gan-gil” and “Accounting Life,” but “Accounting Life” has not been uploaded for nearly two years.

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